To secure our position as a global premium financial service provider in international trade, setting ourselves apart from the competition through efficient customer engagement and integrity.


We aim at reducing the risks involved in international trade and providing you with the confidence to trade efficiently and effectively.


Integrity - To work in a manner that is fair, reliable and consistent for both clients and the organisation as a whole.

Brokerage and Foreign Exchange

Fluctuating exchange rates between currencies remain in the forefront as one of the primary uncertainties of international trade.

Suisse Credit Capital Limited NZ can offer you tailored foreign exchange services.

Our expert team of traders have gained the full confidence of our clients by consistently yielding high profits.

If you have committed to either selling or buying goods or services in a foreign currency and the exchange rate fluctuates, your overall profit from a particular deal can fall, or in low margin deals can be wiped out. This can make it less attractive for overseas customers to deal with you.
Our spot and forward foreign exchange services help you meet the currency requirements of your business and manage the exchange rate risks associated with international trade.