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Documentary Collections

Suisse Credit Capital Limited NZ facilitates international trade transactions by providing a documentary collection facility.

A documentary collection is an instruction from an exporter (seller or supplier) to a remitting bank (usually the exporter’s local bank) to collect payment immediately, or at a future date, from an importer (buyer) against delivery of the relevant commercial documents.
Documentary collections are of two forms:
1.       Document against payment (DP) – Sight Documents
2.       Document against acceptance (DA) – Term Documents
Acceptance is signified by the Importer's signature on the Bill of Exchange or other payment authority enclosed in the Collection. Payment will be made at a fixed or determinable future date.
Benefits of Using Documentary Collection
► The simplicity of the operation makes documentary collections a convenient way to receive payment from an importer
The exporter is relieved of the administrative burden of collecting the proceeds, handling correspondence and any follow-up action
Control over the goods is maintained until the importer pays or accepts the financial instrument
The exporter can ask the collecting bank to sign as surety on the financial instrument, thereby obtaining a guarantee of payment independently of the importer