To secure our position as a global premium financial service provider in international trade, setting ourselves apart from the competition through efficient customer engagement and integrity.


We aim at reducing the risks involved in international trade and providing you with the confidence to trade efficiently and effectively.


Integrity - To work in a manner that is fair, reliable and consistent for both clients and the organisation as a whole.

Fiduciary and Lock-Box services

Suisse Credit Capital Limited NZ has established reputable banking relationships in London, Cyprus, Russia, Dubai and China. These secured relationships have been instrumental in maintaining the confidence that sellers of all types of goods and merchandise need to hold throughout each transaction that they enter into with their chosen counter-parties.

Suisse Credit Capital Limited NZ can provide lock-box and safekeeping services in order to receive payment for goods delivered to third parties, and distribute the collected funds to the parties associated with the transaction.
Benefits of Fiduciary and Lock-Box Services
Save time and gain faster access to funds
Reduced bank service charges
Receive uninterrupted processing work flow