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Import Letter of Credit

A standard, commercial Letter of Credit (LC) is a document issued by a financial institution, used in trade finance, which provides an irrevocable payment undertaking against submission of documents and compliance of other conditions as per LC terms.

Letters of Credit are used primarily in international trade transactions, for deals between a supplier in one country and a buyer in another. 
We particularly recommend Letters of Credit in untested business relationships especially where:

-  you want to avoid advance payment
-  where you want to get credit from the supplier or 
-  when you order custom-made equipment


Benefits of using a Letter of Credit
Simplifies business dealings with certain markets
Simplifies the process of obtaining credit from the seller
Possibility to control your shipment date and mode of transport
Safer than advance payment
Documents go via the bank
Governed by international rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

Additional Benefits Include
Improved cash flow and liquidity
Transfer of payment risk
Flexible tenor – short to medium-term financing
Limited or non-recourse financing possibilities
►Risk evaluation based on performance track record and collateral valuation